Our Technology

We at etrackingpro bring a Revolutionary Technology in schools and educational institutions with NFC tags. (Near Field Communication) etrackingpro is the only child contented platform which offers the parents and the school management to live track their kids while travelling through school bus.
Our goal is to offer an economic and safer solution for the children's security. We have lots of positive feedback and interest for this safest technology, as it's the need of an hour.

We cater in our Tap & Go services which are as follows:

We can customise and cater into the services as per the school's requirements. For eg. Auto Attendance, Time Table, Progress Report, Kiosk at School, Assignments, Leave applications., Etc.

Benefits to school

Safe, secure and verified school bus transportation.

GPS tracking for all school vehicles.

Tracking of individual students within the bus with information about their boarding, disembarking, etc.

Bus Staff attendance.

One app for all parents teachers communication.

School will create an engaged parent community.

Saves time for teachers to communicate and coordinate with parents.

It's private and secured.

Our technology is oriented to apprehend the results, location, vehicle speed limits, driver analysis, fuel efficiency by managing routes, vehicle maintenance and different guidelines to ensure that the school bus is driven with utmost care and surveillance.